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CJ Entus Jackets

White Padded Winter Jacket
[Various Prices]

(Not Signed) Owned By:
195$195 AzAng, Size 95cm (S)
455$455 EffOrt, Size 90cm (XS)
225$225 Much, Size 95cm (S)
225$225 sKyHigh, Size 100cm (M)
225$225 Orion, Size 100cm (M)

Black Padded Jacket
[Various Prices]

(Not Signed) Owned by:

Black Trim Legends Windbreaker
$800 USD

Owned by Iris, signed by Hydra
800$800 Iris, Size 105cm (L)

White Windbreaker
[Various Prices]

Signed by Movie, owned by:

Signed by Leta, owned by:
185$185 New, Size 90cm (XS)
285$285 Movie, Size 95cm (S)

Signed by SnOw, owned by:

Uniforms were owned and worn by different players than the player who ended up signing it.

(As indicated on the inside name tag)

For example:
SaviOr's uniform was signed by SnOw.
Pictures will show savior's name on the tag, but the front of the jacket has snow's signature.

This is indeed the jacket he wore on stage, but it was signed by snow before being sent to this store.

Uniforms that have pants/jeans will be included for free!

CJ Entus Pants

Gray Relax-Fit Jeans
$20 USD

Size & Quantity
20 (32.5") 82cm - 1
20 (33.0") 84cm -
20 (34.0") 86cm -

Black Regular-Fit Jeans
$20 USD

Size & Quantity
20 (29") 74cm -


Black GSL T-Shirt
$11 USD

Size & Quantity
11 (S) 95cm -   
11 (M) 100cm -

White GSL T-Shirt
$11 USD

Size & Quantity
11 (M) 100cm -
11 (L) 105cm -

Typical shipping costs

*Based on shipments less than 1kg in weight
Canada: $12
USA: $21
International: $31

[USA Note]
Items will be sent through USPS, if your area is affected by current disruptions please let me know and I will arrange another method of shipment (FedEX or UPS)


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