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Collection: White, Black-Trim Windbreaker

CJ Entus Stand-Collar Windbreaker Jacket

White with Black Trim

Jacket Details

Not much needs to be said about this jacket, it's everyone's favorite!
This is CJ's iconic jacket that all the golden age pros wore.

When you picture XellOs, Much, Iris, SaviOr, you picture them in this jacket.
I never got a lot of these jackets, my friend had SaviOr's version of this jacket at one point but a personal collector purchased it.

Now I only have 1 new jacket, signed by Leta and 1 used jacket signed by Hydra.
Used by whom you ask? Used by Iris! The Berserker himself.

I'll be keeping the new one for myself, since it is my favorite ^_^, but the Iris jacket will be on auction sometime, size 105.

Created by:
razorsuKe, as seen on:
TL | iCCup

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