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All items were shipped directly from the managing staff at CJ Entus to Calgary, Canada. Regular articles listed in the store are brand new and were the official CJ Entus team uniform during its era.

Auctioned Items or Clothes that have a player-name attached to them were actually owned and worn by the stated progamer. Yes, the very same ones that have been worn on stage in ProLeague/MSL/OSL matches and in videos. To distinguish who owned what at the CJ house, progamers etched their names onto the tags of their jackets and pants.

Autographed merchandise was penned by the stated progamer at the CJ Entus house in 2009 before shipment. Note: The autograph might not match the player who wore the actual piece of clothing.

Size Guide

Clothing is listed by their size in centimeters.
For shirts/jackets it's the circumference of the chest.
For pants it's the circumference of the waist.

Pants that are new have an inseam length of 81cm (32in) and a total length of 110cm (43in)
[note: inseam length is the measurement from the crotch to the opening at the bottom of the pant leg]

Pants that have been issued and used by progamers might have hemmed ends that are shorter than that.
Most of them are left at their original lengths.

General Guide:
85cm = Extra Small
90cm = Small
95cm = Medium-Small
100cm = Medium-Large
105cm = Large

(Most of CJ like Effort, SkyHigh, wear 95. Savior wears mostly 100 and Iris wears 105)

Pants Waist Size:
74cm = 29in
76cm = 30in
78cm = 31in
80cm = 31.5in
82cm = 32.5in
84cm = 33in
86cm = 34in
88cm = 34.5in
90cm = 35.5in
92cm = 36in

If there is a measurement that you want, for example: the circumference of the neck hole or something obscure like that, please feel free to send me a message and I will try to get the answer to you ASAP.



I use Canada Post to ship all orders. Shipping Costs depend on the weight and size of what is being sent.
Here is what buyers can typically expect for clothing:

Around $15, Includes Tracking Number
Local Pickup (Calgary): Free

Western USA

Includes Tracking
6 - 10 Business Days

Eastern USA

No Tracking
6 - 10 Business Days


Air Parcel

No tracking number
6 - 10 Business Days

$34 - $70

*Buyers may request alternate delivery methods at their own expense.


$100 is provided for all packages, included for free.
Optional $2 for every $100 coverage you want after that.

Will my shipping cost change if I order more/less items?

YES, for clothing, if you're ordering more than 3 items, the price could vary depending on weight and your shipping address.

If you're ordering 2 or less, the shipping costs should be the same.
Mouse Pads and other small items are $12 or less.


After you make a payment, you may request a refund or change, up until the time of shipment (usually 12-24 hours).
Refunds are subject to a $2 transaction fee.
After shipment, the sale is final.

I Don't Want to Wait for an Item to go on Auction, Can I make an offer?

Yes, I will entertain all offers.
Simply send me a quick message or email with your offer and I will consider it.


All items listed for sale or auction are in stock and ready to be shipped.

More Questions?

Send a quick message: HERE

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