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Remember the Heroes Mouse Pad

Soft Top, 15"x10" (38cm x 25cm)

Mouse Pad Details

Width: 38cm (15")
Length: 25cm (10")
Height: 0.4cm (0.157")
Surface Material: Fabric, polyester blend (similar to Razer Speed Edition Mats)
Back Material: Heavy duty, open cell natural rubber

Grunge themed motif with MBC Hero's distinctive logo.
This mouse pad has a very soft cloth top which glides effortlessly with any mice.
I compare it to a Razer Goliathus Speed Edition that I own and the Hero Pad is smoother and silkier to the touch.
The backing sticks very well and won't move around at all when placed on a surface.
The colors have been dyed on and won't rub off even after repeated movement and heat/moisture from palms or arms.

Created by:
razorsuKe, as seen on:
TL | iCCup

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