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Collection: Black Cotton-Blend Pants

CJ Entus Cotton-Blend Pants

Black, Straight-Leg, Slim-Fit

Pants Details

Made from a Cotton-Blend material and almost dress-pants like in appearance, they are infact almost as thick as their jean counterpart.
They feel very similar to jeans, not only mimicking their thickness but solid make-up as well, so you don’t have to worry about ripping them if you decide to wear them out on the streets.

The stitching is quite spectacular on the CJ Entus logo using a refined, silver thread to create the look. These pants complete the appearance of professionalism and individualizes that fact with a stand-out logo.

There are only 2 pairs in my collection that have the "HITE Entus" logo on the right side.

Created by:
razorsuKe, as seen on:
TL | iCCup

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